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December 6, 2016

Explore the Possibilities

Explore the Possibilities

Why Not?
All Pole Barn Estimates are Free…and Now It’ll Save You 5%!


Tip back the eggnog and just imagine celebrating your next holiday season in a new pole barn from The Pole Barn Company. Today, just looking saves you 5% when you do decide to buy!
Making a large purchase – or an investment in the case of a pole barn – around the holidays is not typical. The Pole Barn Company knows this. That’s why we are inviting you to simply look at our pole barn kit options and pricing. When you are ready to buy, we’ll give you a discount just for obtaining an estimate. It just might be the most wonderful time of year!
In fact, if upgrades such as doors, windows, and designer paint colors for your pole barn are on your holiday wish list, you’ll enjoy the discount on upgrades too!
There’s no need to wait (in fact, it’ll cost you more if you do) to price out your dream pole barn. Do it now and save 5% on your future purchase.*

Click here to get an estimate on your dream pole barn:

*The Pole Barn Company estimates are saved and good for 6 months.
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November 20, 2016


 Add an overhang to your pole barn for more recreational space

There's something calming about sitting under an overhang and being in the peaceful outdoors. A nice overhang in front of or around the entire perimeter of a pole barn provides a cozy and permanent picnic area or somewhere to simply place your favorite chair and enjoy the sights around you. The Pole Barn Company offers a variety of overhangs with their pole barn kits to add yards of enjoyable space. Configure your ideal pole barn here: http://www.thepolebarncompany.com/quote/index.php?package=standard&zip= Or call us 844-213-0034 and we’ll help you!

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November 13, 2016

Pole Barns and Cold Weather Conditions

“So if the process of condensation tells us that in metal buildings there are three possible consequences of moisture – corrosion, rust and degradation – why would I ever buy a metal pole barn kit if I live in a rainy, snowy region of the United States?”

We love this question and get it a lot!

“So if the process of condensation tells us that in metal buildings there are three possible consequences of moisture – corrosion, rust and degradation – why would I ever buy a metal pole barn kit if I live in a rainy, snowy region of the United States?”


We love this question and get it a lot!  Condensation sure is a dangerous condition IF IT PENETRATES THE METAL SURFACE. Our pole barn buildings are actually designed to defend against condensation and other extreme cold weather conditions.  


To effectively control condensation in metal pole barns, it is necessary to reduce the cold surface areas where it may occur. That is the secret…and here is how we suggest you do that:


First, let’s talk about the pole barn building’s exterior and how it will stand up to snow, ice and cold rain. Water, of course, can damage a pole barn building, causing rust, corrosion, and pre-mature aging. But, just like any home, there are things you need to do to protect your pole barn from the elements. Waterproofing and weatherproofing products must be used in the construction process to prevent leaks and condensation in metal buildings. Carefully sealing to the metal seams at side

and end-laps using vapor retarders will help maintain the integrity of the metal pole barn structure and protect it from moisture. Here is a link to read about how to effectively seal metal structures using vapor retarders: http://www.mbma.com/media/10.01.01Condensation.pdf


It is also important to minimize the air moisture within your metal pole barn building.

If you are planning to use your pole barn in very cold regions of the country, we recommend you insulate it for more comfort. Generally, if you are using your pole barn for storage, not much insulation is needed. But, if you are using it to house livestock, to live in or as a business or workshop, you’ll want more insulation and protection from the cold.


Most pole barn framing is generally 24 inches apart giving you plenty of space to roll out blanket insulation in between the studs. You can also insulate the ceiling this way. Next, you’ll want to cover the insulation. If you are simply using your pole barn for storage, you can cover the insulation with plastic, but if you have bigger plans for your pole barn, you’ll want to cover the insulation with drywall, planks or boards. We love the look of wood planks in a pole barn. Check these options out: http://www.plankwood.co/


Flooring can also add more protection and warmth to a pole barn. You’ll also want to consider your intended use of the pole barn when you choose your flooring. Pole barns that are used for storage can get by with a simple dirt or concrete floor, but if you are using your pole barn for business or home, you’ll certainly want better flooring choices. Just like a traditionally constructed house, you can any style of flooring you wish to create style, protection and warmth.


Once you’ve constructed your pole barn to meet your intended use, you’ll want to add heating (and probably cooling). If you are simply using your pole barn for storage, then you can probably get by with minimal insulation. But if you want more from your pole barn building, you can use anything that you use in home construction to provide heat including forced air, geothermal or electric heat.


There is so much you can do to add warmth and comfort to your pole barn.  Rhino Building Products offers many solutions for just this. Visit http://www.rhinobldg.com/products/ for some really good products for metal buildings construction like pole barns.


We hope we’ve answered some of your questions regarding condensation as a result of weather conditions on a metal pole barn structure. If not, give our experts a call at 844-213-0034. Or, visit our website at www.thepolebarncompany.com for FAQs and blogs on many subjects related to the construction of metal pole barn kits.

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November 3, 2016

Pole Barn Kit Colors

 What color of pole barn do you want? Yep...we got that!

October 26, 2016

Comfort and Joy...Be In a Pole Barn Home by Christmas

With average home construction taking 6-12 months and only 10-1/2 more weeks until Christmas, a home built from a pole barn kit is about the ONLY way you can build custom and new…and be in by Christmas!

If ever there are two things one wants for Christmas, it’s comfort and joy…but, in their own home!


With average home construction taking 6-12 months and only 10-1/2 more weeks until Christmas, a home built from a pole barn kit is about the ONLY way you can build custom and new…and be in by Christmas!


The Pole Barn Company guarantees a timely sale and delivery of construction materials. Buying a pole barn kit from The Pole Barn Company removes the usual real estate and closing fees and marketing costs that buyers usually have to pay with traditional home construction—the types of things that slow down home buying.  


From The Pole Barn Company, home seekers can choose from a variety of pole barn kits that are perfect for home construction — from a traditionally-styled cozy pole barn home to multi-level, luxury construction with fancy doors and other upgrades.


If time of the essence, a pole barn might be right for you. If you have land or a lot already waiting for your new pole barn home, then you’ve already jumped the highest hurdle. You simply need to research and order which pole barn kit will work best for your new home. See our kit options or build your own http://www.thepolebarncompany.com/kits/.


 If money is an issue, we’ve got your covered there, too. Work with our financing company to get the good rates and immediate approval http://www.thepolebarncompany.com/about/financing/


It takes about 3-5 weeks to build a pole barn from a kit, given you have a comprehensive plan, the time, tools and a couple of competent friends to help. Still, that’s less time than it takes to get a mortgage for a traditional home!


Buying a pole barn kit from The Pole Barn Company leaves you free to spend your time and money on the decorating of your new house for Christmas! So what’s keeping you from your comfort and joy? Order a pole barn kit and be in your new home for holidays!

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October 23, 2016

Metal Pole Barns for President!

 You may definitely vote for metal pole barns after reading this…

Wonder why you are seeing more churches, auto repair or tool and die shops, studios, and manufacturing facilities operating from metal pole barns? An increasingly large number of professionals and tradesmen are choosing to have metal buildings built from pole barn kits for their businesses rather than traditional office structures and here’s why:

·      Metal pole barns are more affordable to own than traditional office space.

o   Any way you cut it, pole barn buildings are more affordable than traditional office buildings built from scratch. And, not just one or two times less expensive to build, they are at least ten times cheaper.

o   And, the savings don’t stop at the “kit-and-construct” price. Ovver time metal buildings stand up better to nature and weather: insects, storms, heat and sun, and other elements…so there are fewer repairs.

o   They are very affordable to maintain, too! Not a lot of exterior painting or cleaning. Metal pole barns are virtually maintenance-free!

·      Metal pole barns are quick and easy to construct.

o   Traditional office buildings take a long time to construct. But not just that, there are many delays due to codes, regulations, and inspections required that are not always required in metal pole barn kit construction. (Please check with your local authorities to make sure you follow all the proper permit instructions).

o   It takes as little as 2-3 weeks to build a pole barn kit from scratch. And, it takes very little labor and tools once you have your lot leveled and prepared for it.

·      Metal pole barns are very flexible in use.

o   One Pole Barn Company customer bought a pole barn kit to construct to store his toys. Next time we heard from him, he was purchasing upgrades to convert it to open a auto repair shop.

o   Upgrades and modifications are quick and easy if you buy from The Pole Barn Company. Compare this to modifying a traditional office building. ‘Nuff said!


If you have a business venture in mind and your roadblock is building space, consider a metal pole barn built from a kit. Metal pole barn buildings provide a quick and affordable way to construct warehouses, office spaces, workshops, hangars, even churches and homes.


For more information, visit us at http://www.thepolebarncompany.com/quote/index.php?package=standard&zip= where you can get an instant quote for your business building.


Need to speak with an expert? You can do so M-F 8am-6pm Eastern time at 844-213-0034.

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October 16, 2016

How to Buy a New House (or Building) Without Paying Agent Fees

  Buying a pole barn kit and constructing your own home or building definitely has its advantage when it comes to agent fees...or lack of them. How is this? Because there are none!

Real estate agents typically charge a 6% in fees or commission on the sale price for a new home. So buying without an agent can certainly save you a lot of money.

Even if you are a buyer, and not a seller, some how, some way an agent has their hands in the pot in the sale of a home. Buyers will typically raise the asking price for their home to cover their real estate agent’s fees. So, in the end, buyers really have paid the agent fees on a new house.

That’s not the only agent whose hands are in the pot. When you go to finance your new home or building, you will pay fees to the mortgage lender, the appraiser, the inspector, the title company and many more who are “line items “on your closing documents.

Buying a pole barn kit and constructing your own home or building definitely has its advantage when it comes to agent fees...or lack of them. How is this? Because there are none! No fees! Just a simple purchase of building materials, plus tax, from The Pole Barn Company.

While a good agent can certainly help with finding you a premium location for your home or building. With your pole barn, chances are you can you do this without their help help at all. After all, you must already know where you want to construct your pole barn if you are looking to buy one now. So, you don’t really need someone’s opinion for 3-6% saying “yah…that would be good!”

Closing the deal on a pole barn kit is a whole lot easier than buying a home. In most cases, you pay a formulated price for the size of your pole barn, whether it’s 20x40, 30x40, 40x40, 40x60 or some custom configuration. Regardless, you only pay for the cost of the building materials you need to build your pole barn. Windows, doors, and other options will add to the cost, of course. In short, it’s not a negotiation like buying a home whereby you need to have a fee-charging agent representing you.

All you really will need is construction advice and tools! For this, The Pole Barn Company offers building plans for every configuration and layout. That’s the advice. And, with the plans, comes your tool list.

Want to know more about pole barn kits from The Pole Barn Company? Call us at 844-213-0034, or visit us at http://www.thepolebarncompany.com/kits/. For an immediate quote on your pole barn configuration, visit http://www.thepolebarncompany.com/quote/index.php?package=standard&zip=.

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October 12, 2016

Oversized Glass Garage Doors Make a Statement in a Pole Barn

An oversized glass garage door in the main space of a pole barn can add tons of style and natural light.

Glass garage doors are low maintenance, low cost and can serve to be a focal point in your design, whether you use your pole barn as a home, office or workshop. The floor to ceiling window views that a glass garage door can provide will allow you to take advantage of the breathtaking views if you have your pole barn on a nice landscape.


Even though a 30 x 40 pole barn kit can be assembled to be a living space, it is still smaller than a typical home. However, if you install an oversized glass garage door, you can add a unique design aesthetic that also invites maximum light into your pole barn…without letting anyone see inside your garage!


If a glass garage door is in your design plan for your pole barn kit, check out this option: www.clopaydoor.com/avante. The Avante™ by Clopay® can be customized to fit any pole barn kit and different window options allow you to choose the right degree of natural light for your pole barn. Glass garage doors will give your pole barn a modern look and can even add a splash of color in the aluminum panels.


Give yourself the affordability that a pole barn kit offers but add the luxury of contemporary design with a glass garage door and you’ve built yourself a masterpiece.


For kit prices on pole barns sizes 24x24, 28x32, 30x40, 40x64, 24x40 and 60x120, visit http://www.thepolebarncompany.com/kits/. To build your custom sized pole barn kit, visit http://www.thepolebarncompany.com/quote/index.php?package=standard&zip=.


For more guidance on pole barn kits, talk with one of our experts at 844-213-0034, M-F, 8am-6pm, Eastern time.


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September 30, 2016

Reclaimed Wood for Walls

Reclaimed wood is all the rage. And, it’s no wonder. Reclaimed wood panels looks awesome…especially in a pole barn!

September 25, 2016

Pole Barns Kit Are Easier to Build Than You May Think!

Our detailed construction plans make it even easier!

September 17, 2016

Garages Built From Pole Barn Kits!

There are great alternatives to keeping your car and its paint job bird poo and hail-free. Like Pole Barns!

Cars need shelter to protect them just like we do, but nothing says that it has to be a typical two- or three-car attached garage. There are great alternatives to keeping your car and its paint job bird poo and hail-free. Like Pole Barns!


Metal pole barn kits offer an inexpensive alternative to a traditional constructed attached garage, and they can usually be assembled on site in a day or two. Pole barn kits, for use as garages and other storage needs, come in just about any size you can imagine. Our most popular sizes are 24 x 24 (fits 2 cars and other “toys” quite comfortably), 30 x 40 (fits up to four cars), and 40 x 64 (fits boats and just about anything else you want to store outside). We also have two-story high pole barn kits and garage doors that will fit most RVs.


The Pole Barn Company’s offers standard kits like the ones shown here at http://www.thepolebarncompany.com/kits/ , or if you don’t see what you need we also offer an easy quote estimator that offers custom sizes and door types to make your garage meet your specific needs. Click here: http://www.thepolebarncompany.com/quote/index.php?package=standard&zip=

With our estimator you can easily build the garage storage space you have always dreamed of!


If you have specific questions not answered at our website, call us at 844-213-0034. Our experts can help you.

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September 10, 2016

Pole Barns Make Excellent Dog Kennels

Do you love dogs and have dreamed about owning a kennel? Buy a pole barn kit to build your own dog kennel.  The Pole Barn Company suggests it’s easier than you think!

Many of The Pole Barn Company inquiries come from people who work with animals. In fact, our most popular customers are kennel owners and for the obvious reason: pole barns kits make excellent dog kennels!

The best thing about buying a pole barn kit from The Pole Barn Company is that you can customize your kit to be any size you want it to be. If you want to house 24 doges, we’ll help you design it that way! Or, if you want each kennel to have its own exit outdoors, we’ll help you make that happen, too!

To create a dog kennel from a pole barn, we suggest you start with our 30 x 30 basic kit and add indoor/outdoor runs, with doors that flip both ways allowing the dogs to go in and out as they please. With a 30 x 30 pole barn, it is possible to put six 5’ foot runs on each side. That would house 12 kennels. So let’s do more math…12 kennels at $20 a day is $240. In one week you can make $1,680. And, in a single month, you can rake in $6,720, given you keep your kennel full at all times. If that’s not enough, you can always buy a bigger pole barn kit and add more dog kennels.

You should also insulate metal pole barns to keep the indoor spaces comfortable in hot and especially cold weather for the pets. Styrofoam works well for dog kennels because it may also help insulate sounds from barking dogs. And, it’s not a bad idea, either, to use an inexpensive swamp-type cooler if you live in a climate where you have extremely. In the winter, you may consider using a ceiling propane shop heater. They are easy to install in pole barns.

Dog kennels are an easy and profitable business to get into if you have the space and love dogs. Let us tell you more. Call The Pole Barn Company today! 844-213-0034. Or for an instant quote, click here: http://thepolebarncompany.com/quote/index.php?package=standard&zip=

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September 4, 2016

Forget Tiny House Living as a Less Costly Alternative to a Traditional Home. How About a Pole Barn Instead?

  Pole barns kits can enable simpler living in a less costly, more efficient space.

August 28, 2016

Pole Barns Add Good Resale Value to Your Homestead

One of the best ways to increase your property value may be a pole barn!

August 24, 2016

Ways to Finance Your Pole Barn Kit Purchase

Learn More About The Pole Barn Company has financing options.

Does buying a pole barn kit sound like  a perfect solution for your storage, living or business? Make it happen! The Pole Barn Company has financing options AND A FINANCING PARTNER to help you! http://www.thepolebarncompany.com/about/financing/


There are, of course, many options when it comes to financing real estate, and pole barns usually qualify for all of them:


1.     There are traditional mortgage loans that qualify, depending on the size and intended use of your pole barn, including conventional, FHA and VA loans. Interest rates will depend on how you’ll use your pole barn. If you intend to use it as a home, you’ll enjoy a lower interest rate. If you are using it for a business, you may have to pay a slightly higher rate. Both are worth investigating for your pole barn kit.


2.     Home Equity Loans are a very good and low interest option for the purchase of a pole barn kit. A home equity loan is where the borrower uses the equity in his or her home as collateral for an additional loan. The loan amount is usually determined by the value of the collateral property. But the best thing about this type of loan is that you can get a line of credit for up to 30 years. That gives you control over when and how much you’ll pay.


3.     What has to be The Pole Barn Company’s best option for buying a pole barn kit from us is our financing option from Admiral’s Bank. We want you to help you fulfill your dream of owning one of our pole barns and using it for whatever your dreaming about! Applying for a financing with us is quick and easy. Simply click on our application link and our partner, Eric Schwartz, senior mortage loan officer with Admiral’s Bank, will provide you with tools to seek immediate approval.  http://www.admiralsbank.com/eschwartz


Owning a pole barn doesn’t have to be a dream anymore. Let The Pole Barn Company help you. If you have questions or want to speak with a  Pole Barn Company representative, call us at 844-213-0034 M-F 8am-6pm Eastern. Or, you can email us at http://www.thepolebarncompany.com/contact/ with any questions. more >


August 15, 2016

Pole Barns Make Excellent Event Venues

Do you have a beautiful landscape on your property? Why not make money from it by constructing a pole barn and charging for the use of it!

Pole barns make excellent event venues for parties and dances, weddings, family reunions and so many other occasions! In fact, barns and farms are trending as a beautiful backdrop for celebrations like weddings. And, the return on your investment from the pole barn kit that builds your venue comes early due to the affordability of the construction. Consider this…the average wedding in the U.S. today costs $28,000. If you’ve got the landscape and a little money, why not get a cut of that?

The Pole Barn Company’s wide range of styles and materials available in our kits makes the pole barn event venue design possibilities endless. Some things you’ll want to consider if you are planning to use a pole barn as an event venue are:
•  Size and capacity of your pole barn. What “maximum occupancy” do you want in your venue?
•  Bathrooms and guest quarters.
•  Spaces in the pole barn for food prep or storage.
•  An office for meetings and work in your pole barn venue.
•  Loading and unloading access into the pole barn.

Our custom design packages for building your pole barn kits allows for you to use your imagination to create any dramatic open event space you desire.  http://www.thepolebarncompany.com/quote/index.php?package=standard&zip=
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August 9, 2016

Got Questions? We Have Answers

The path to purchasing your pole barn kit often begins with a question.

Q: Can pole barns have other than steel exteriors?
A: Most people think of steel pole barns, but the truth is they can have many exterior finishes, including brick, plaster, and concrete.
Q: Can pole barns be used for other than animal or vehicle storage?
A: A commercial building needs an HVAC system, plumbing, electrical wiring, and dry wall or other wall materials. Pole barns are compatible with all of these features.
Q: Does a pole barn need a foundation?
A: A pole barn does not require a foundation like those used in other types of buildings. The columns will be embedded in concrete backfilled holes to support the weight of the building. Or, concrete can be poured through the main door of the pole barn. If you or your contractor needs more access to pour concrete for the floor, you can leave some of the metal wall panels off the building until after you have poured the concrete slab. Finally, a pole barn can also be constructed on top of an existing concrete slab.
Q: Does a pole barn need gutters?
A: You can make it as simple or as utilitarian as possible. If just a storage building, you probably don’t need gutters, but if you are living in your pole barn, you’ll be glad you added them. It also depends on whether or not you live in an area with much rainfall. We then recommend install a gutter system on your pole barn.
Have more questions like this? Click here and you can read all of our pole barn kit tips and answers: http://www.thepolebarncompany.com/pole-barn-tips/
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July 25, 2016

Are Permits Required for Pole Barn Construction From Kits?

The simple answer is...maybe.

July 20, 2016

How Much Does a Pole Barn Kit Cost?

 Big or Small. Short or Tall. Pole Barn Kits are a Cost Effective Way to Give You the Space You've Always Dreamed Of!

July 14, 2016

Pole Barn Kit Upgrades Are Totally Worth It

There are pole barn kit upgrades that you can easily forego, but there are those you should really consider!

There should be an amount of the money you consider spending on your new pole barn kit that includes the upgrades to improve the value of it. For example, insulation and interior lining panels—both upgrades— will significantly add to the value of your pole barn because they will add functionality and flexibility. These are upgrades that allow you to use your pole barn for whatever year-round structure you choose, like a house, studio or workplace.

The reason so many people stress about upgrades is because they didn’t plan for them. We suggest that you estimate a slice of your budget ahead of time for your upgrades and then those costs won’t feel nearly as hard hitting.  You’ll know which upgrades to focus on—those of which get you the most “bang for your buck!” And remember, not all upgrades have to be expensive. Simply adding the post rot protection upgrade, for example, guarantees your pole barn will last it’s lifetime. That’s an upgrade that will also bring you a healthy return on your investment.

Here are some options you can consider to add value to your pole barn when purchasing a pole barn kit from The Pole Barn Company:

  •  Wainscoting
  •  Condensation Barriers
  •  Insulation
  •  Continuous Ridge Vent
  •  Foam Closure Strips
  •  Translucent Eave Lights
  •  Cupola w/ Weathervane
  •  Post Rot Protection 
  •  Roof Sheathing
  •  Interior Lining Panel
  •  Engineer Stamped Plans

Take a look at the features The Pole Barn Company includes in it’s barn kits as standard, then check out our upgrades. You can get an instant online quote for all of it here: http://www.thepolebarncompany.com/quote/index.php?package=standard&zip=

Your quote not only give you an instant price, it locks it in for 30 days.

Have more questions? For more information on upgrades and pole barn kits, call The Pole Barn Company today at 844-213-0034 M-F 8am-6pm EST.

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July 8, 2016

This is a Pole Barn?

Pole barns aren't just for the animals anymore! Today, pole barns are being used as vacation cabins, art or yoga studios, man caves and so much more. But most of all, pole barns make great houses!




You may want to add a more serious layer of roofing or a heavier gage steel roof. Steel roofs have their advantages; one being that they hold up to strong winds.


Framing and flooring


·      We recommend rough cut pine for the interior framing, with some white maple or beech for the long floor joists to keep that beautiful barn look. But, once you lay a subfloor, any flooring material you desire will work just like in a traditional home.


Insulation & Ventilation


In order to insulate a pole barn with such a huge amount of interior volume you really need a high value insulation and good HVAC system.


·      Most traditional homes are insulated with pre-built insulating panels made of EPS Foam. That is a good for pole barn kits converted to homes, as well. You may also want to use insulating panels to insulate your ceiling if you live in a climate with extreme temperatures.


·      You’ll probably want to have a heating and cooling system. Try a ductless mini split system if you are keeping the rooms in your pole barn to a minimum—open concept works best. This type of HVAC system requires little installation and can be done in a single day. The amount of heating/cooling is dependent upon the size of system you buy. Mini splits are extra efficient, usually using less energy than a complete HVAC system without sacrificing performance. Contact a licensed HVAC contractor/dealer for your more information.



First, for safety reasons, always use a professionally-trained electricians when working with electricity.

Secondly, really plan out where the lights on the inside and outside walls will be going, where you’ll put the washer/dryer and other appliances, and any other media desires you’ll have before you do any electrical work.




Always use a professionally-trained plumber when plumbing your house. This is something you don’t want to screw up as most plumbing for pole barn kits converted into homes are built on slabs with plumbing put in beneath it so incorrectly installed plumbing can mean you will have to completely disassemble your pole barn to fix and reinstall properly.
Again, carefully plan out where the water lines, bathrooms, sinks, and other plumbing is going to be used before you do any work.



Anything works, really. It’s a matter of taste!


Home Insurance

A pole barn kit converted to a home is a costly investment that should be protected with home insurance. A standard homeowners insurance policy will not always cover a pole barn and its contents. For more information on insurance, read our blog here: http://www.thepolebarncompany.com/blog/does-homeowners-insurance-cover-a-pole-barn


Of course, you’ll be expected to follow codes and get all the proper permits if making your pole barn kit into a home, but pole barns can make excellent, affordable homes.


The Pole Barn Company would like to round up some of the most interesting uses for pole barns that have been transformed from pole barn kits. Do you have a modern home, business and other functional space you want to show off? We’d love to see it!






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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July 4, 2016

Why The Pole Barn Company Customer Testimonials Should Be Important to You

Customer testimonials are probably your best source of information when buying pole barn kits.

May 31, 2016

How to Build a Pole Barn on an Uneven Lot

When building a pole barn, it is easiest to construct the building on a level piece of land. However, in many cases the ground slopes and there is not a level piece available that is large enough for the building.

May 25, 2016

How to Protect Your Pole Barn from Flooding

Heavy rain and flooding can occur nearly anywhere, even in places that typically have very little rainfall and are not located near a body of water. Any building is potentially at risk for flooding.

May 17, 2016

How to Install Eave Lights in Your Pole Barn for Natural Light

 If you are planning to build a pole barn that you want to use as a garage or workshop, you will need light so you can work on your vehicles or hobbies. Electric lighting for a large building can be expensive. You can design your pole barn to allow in natural light.

May 11, 2016

Using Lumber with Crowns to Build a Pole Barn

It is easier to build a pole barn if all of the wood is completely straight and in the same plane, but this is usually not possible. Lumber is rarely perfectly straight. Defects in wood can affect the way it is used to build a pole barn.

May 4, 2016

How to Prepare Your Pole Barn Site and Secure the Poles

When building a pole barn, choosing the right location and preparing it for construction can allow you to make the process easier and to have a durable building while avoiding a host of potential problems.

April 27, 2016

How to Protect Pole Barn Posts from Rot

A pole barn is a popular building choice that is more economical than many other options. One reason for this is that wood posts treated with preservatives or laminated columns are embedded in the ground to make a foundation.

April 19, 2016

How to Frame an Entry Door in a Pole Barn

When people are designing pole barns, one area that they tend to give less thought to is the entry door. Since you will be walking in and out of the door regularly, especially if you are using your pole barn as a residence or shop, you want to make sure it is designed and hung right.

April 11, 2016

The Benefits of Designing a Custom Pole Barn

If you are shopping for a pole barn, you can buy one in a standard size and design and hope it will work for your needs, or you can have a custom pole barn built to your exact specifications. There are several advantages to buying a custom pole barn, and it will not necessarily cost you more.

April 6, 2016

How to Keep Poles Vertical When Building a Pole Barn

Pole barns can be constructed with lumber, telephone poles, or even logs. Depending on the type of wood you plan to use, your poles may not be completely straight. This can be problematic if you want the walls in your pole barn to be plumb.

March 29, 2016

The Benefits of Choosing a Monitor Style Pole Barn

A monitor style pole barn has a raised center section with trusses that support the gabled center roof. Lean-to’s are attached on each side a few feet below the main roof. This allows the design to include windows or eave lights on the sides to provide lighting and ventilation, which can reduce electricity bills.

March 24, 2016

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover a Pole Barn?

A pole barn is a costly investment that should be protected with insurance. A standard homeowners insurance policy will not always cover a pole barn and its contents. Here are some tips to help you make sure you have the right coverage.

March 16, 2016

Designing a Pole Barn to Support Ceiling Loads

Pole barn building trusses are often not designed to support the dead weight of anything except the trusses, bracing, wiring, and lighting. If you are building a pole barn and want to include a ceiling, its weight needs to be taken into account. If the trusses are more than four feet apart, you will need to add framing to support the steel.

March 8, 2016

Pressure-Treated Wood and Fasteners

Chromated copper arsenate (CCA) used to be used to treat wood products to prevent rot, decay, and termites. However, concerns over its safety led to restrictions, even though scientists found no evidence of serious health problems.

February 26, 2016

How to Get Rid of Mice in Your Pole Barn

The way that pole barns are constructed can leave them vulnerable to mice. Rodents can become a problem, chewing through insulation and wiring and leaving urine and droppings. If you store animal feed in your pole barn, mice can chew through the bags, spilling and contaminating the food.

February 22, 2016

Common Pole Barn Building Code Violations

According to the Common Code Violations survey released by the International Code Council and the National Association of Homebuilders in 2013, about 45 percent of residential field inspections result in at least one jobsite code violation.

February 15, 2016

Choosing the Right Roof Pitch for Your Pole Barn

A pitched roof adds beauty to a pole barn. A roof with a low pitch looks flatter, and a roof with a higher pitch looks steeper. Some homeowner associations require that a barn have the same pitch as the primary residence.

February 8, 2016

How to Square and Set Posts for a Pole Barn

Pole barn posts are generally spaced 8, 9, 10, or 12 feet apart on center. When designing your pole barn, you need to consider post spacing when planning for wind loads, wall heights and lengths, and species of wood. When building a pole barn, it is important to make sure the posts are set to the correct depth and square.

February 1, 2016

How to Design a Pole Barn to Use as a Garage

A pole barn can be a great solution if you need extra space on your farm to shelter horses or livestock, store hay and feed, or protect vehicles and farming equipment from bad weather. If you would like to use a pole barn as a garage, you need to take some factors into account when designing your building.

January 26, 2016

The Benefits of Adding a Cupola to Your Pole Barn

Pole barns often have cupolas on the roof line. A cupola is a relatively small structure that was invented during the Renaissance that is usually placed on top of the ridge line. It consists of three parts: the base, vents (louvers), and cap. It can be several shapes, including square, hexagonal, octagonal, and bell-shaped.

January 19, 2016

The Advantages of Using a Pole Barn as a Home

Pole barns are generally used to shelter horses and livestock or to protect vehicles from the weather, but they are very versatile and can be used in other ways. Many people use pole barns as homes because they offer several advantages compared to more traditional types of houses.

January 12, 2016

Can a Pole Barn Survive an Earthquake?

Some parts of the country are prone to earthquakes, but they also sometimes occur unexpectedly in areas where they are rare. Any building needs to be constructed in a way that will help to minimize damage if an earthquake strikes.

January 4, 2016

Deflection and Vibration in a Pole Barn Floor

People who use pole barns as residences often choose to install wood floors. A wood floor can vibrate in response to foot traffic. Some people find these vibrations annoying at certain frequencies. With simple adjustments, these vibrations can be minimized to make a pole barn residence more comfortable.

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