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August 17, 2015

Best Flooring Options for Your Pole Barn

Your pole barn is erected and ready to go, but what are you going to do about the floor? While some people prefer to leave theirs as dirt, others pour concrete or use crushed stone. The floor of your pole barn should really depend on how you plan on using the structure and your budget. Some of the following options may require more work than others but provide greater savings in cost. Here are the most popular flooring materials for pole barns and their benefits and drawbacks.

Concrete: This is the most popular flooring option for pole barns used for storage and workshop space because if poured well, the concrete creates a durable, even floor that withstands heavy weight without sagging or leaving depressions. Unfortunately, this option is more expensive than many of the others and the surface can be slick if it gets wet. If you are using your pole barn to house animals, do not use concrete as flooring for their pens. It is too hard on their joints, offers no shock absorbency, and holds the smell of urine for a long time.

Crushed gravel: Crushed gravel can be a cheap and easy way to create flooring in your pole barn. Be sure to compact it and keep it level. One thing to consider when choosing gravel is the slope and water flow around your building. If runoff will flow away from the building, then drainage is favorable and a permeable material like compacted gravel can work. If drainage is unfavorable, gravel may not be the best decision. Also, if you plan on storing heavy machinery in your pole barn, be aware that gravel may sink under the pressure and cause indents in the flooring material.

Recycled Asphalt: Many people use recycled asphalt as an alternative for concrete, and it is usually more affordable because it has been milled form the road. While the smell can be annoying at first, it fades with age and is safe as long as the pole barn has proper ventilation. One other drawback is recycled asphalt floors require a little more work heating and compressing the material to make an even, solid surface. Though asphalt isn’t as hardy as concrete, it is an affordable alternative and compacts well.

Roadbase: Roadbase is basically crushed limestone and can be purchased at an affordable price unlike its concrete counterpart. Once compacted, it has a toughness comparable to concrete with added texture to improve traction. It is permeable so drainage must be considered, and it does require a little extra work to install: you have to carefully wet the material without overwatering it and compact it using a vibrating plate.


Dirt: Of course you could always keep your dirt floors, but a few things must be considered. Find out how well the soil drains and if exterior runoff will flow toward or away from your building. Also know that dirt floors will create dust and can be dug up or indented by animals or heavy machinery.

Before flooring your pole barn, think of what you plan on using the space for. From there, look at your budget and determine your options. We suggest calling local contractors and getting multiple estimates if you are not doing the floor yourself. This way you can make sure you’re flooring your pole barn for a competitive price.

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