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December 26, 2013

Customizing Pole Barns

Many people choose pole barns for storage buildings. Affordable and simple, these post-frame buildings are ideal for storing equipment, vehicles, supplies and other materials. However, you may have more uses for your pole barn building and in that case you will want to explore options that are available for customizing your shed. There are a few features that are quite common for pole barn customization and when properly installed can turn any simple storage shed into a versatile workspace.

Lighting – Even if you only plan to use your pole barn as a storage shed, it makes sense to install overhead lights. Having a crowded storage shed with no lights can be hazardous when you are looking for specific equipment and unless you enjoy emptying the whole shed, consider installing overhead lights that will make your space more functional. Lights can also be handy when working at night or in bad weather when there is little or no sunlight. Depending on the size of your pole barn kit, a simple fluorescent overhead light can make a big difference in your pole barn building.

Windows – Another way to improve the illumination in a pole barn building is to add windows. This not only allows in natural light but can also help ventilate stuffy building interiors. If you are going to be any extended work in a pole barn, such as repairs or woodworking, it is strongly advised you have windows to add needed light and to let dust and debris escape.

Overhangs – If you plan on using your post-frame building for more than just equipment storage, installing an overhang makes sense. Many people use pole barn buildings as store fronts and having an attractive awning makes the building look more like a store than a storage facility and will be more welcoming for customers. It also helps to have a way to block harmful UV rays that could damage produce and flowers you are selling. Overhangs also give customers shade to escape the sun on hot summer days.

Gutters – Pole barn buildings need to be protected the same as any other building and if you don't want rain and snow to damage the roof, siding and foundation consider installing high quality rain gutters. Without gutters on your pole barn rainwater and melting snow won't drain properly and this can lead to serious damage to the roof, siding and even the foundation. Find sturdy vinyl gutters that are easy to install and ensure your pole barn is ready for any weather.
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