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September 8, 2015

Cutting Corners When Building a Pole Barn Can Wind up Costing You More

Building a pole barn is an investment. If constructed properly, your post frame building can last for many years and provide you with valuable storage space. However, many people try to cut corners and use cheaper materials to save some money. That can backfire because using materials of poor quality will contribute to problems that can be expensive to repair. Those problems can easily be avoided by spending a little more up-front and doing the job right.

Your pole barn needs a solid foundation to stand the test of time. This will probably require some site preparation before you begin construction.

Many people don’t use enough gravel as a base. This allows moisture to seep into the soil inside the base of the pole barn, where it can slowly cause damage. The problem can be worsened if the dirt around the pole barn is not appropriately filled and sloped away from the structure. This will cause the ground to settle toward the foundation and cause moisture to pool against the foundation. If the ground is muddy when your pole barn is being built, the workers may be forced to take some shortcuts that could cost you money later on.

A poorly engineered foundation can also cause excessive cracks in the concrete floor. When the foundation shifts, it can put stress on interior finishes and cause them to crack. It can also cause windows to stick as the foundation shifts and twists the window frames out of alignment.

Moisture softens, decays, and undermines both the exterior and interior of a building. By including overhangs when you build your pole barn, you can protect the walls and foundation. Overhangs will also allow you to build vented eaves and flow-through vents to allow humidity to escape.

Cheap windows and doors are the source of many problems for pole barn owners. They can allow moisture into the building that can damage the structure over time. Windows and doors are often the most expensive area of maintenance for pole barns. Invest in quality products so that your pole barn will be able to stand up to the elements.

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