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February 19, 2015

How Much Do Pole Barn Kits Cost?

Of all the advantages pole barn kits offer to consumers, one of the most consistently appealing is their economy. Simply stated, a good pole barn is the best, cheapest option for building barns, storage spaces, workshops, garages, and more. But just saying that pole barns are the most economical option is one thing – laying out actual numbers is another. Just how much do pole barn kits actually cost?

Since all the kits sold by The Pole Barn Company are custom made according to each client’s specific needs, it’s impossible for us to say here exactly how much each kit will cost in the end. We can offer some broad, general guidelines to offer you some idea of what to expect to pay for your kit.

The first considerations when establishing the base price of a pole barn kit are location and size. Kits need to be designed so that the finished structure will be able to support the snow load it’s likely to receive in winter months. All other things being equal, a pole barn kit meant for Bangor, ME is going to cost more than one bound for Orlando, FL. Of course, the impact size has on price should be obvious.

Next, the number and types of windows and doors have the possibility to drive up prices: insulated windows cost more than non-insulated; double-hung more than sliding; large garage doors cost more than regular entry doors.

From there, there are a number of other add-ons and considerations that will affect the price of your pole barn kit. Roof overhangs, porches, eave lights, insulation, venting, and more will all contribute to the overall bill.

Here are a couple of example quotes to illustrate:

  • The base price for a 24’ x 32’ x 8’ kit for the Knoxville, TN area would be around $3908.12.
  • An 8’ x 8’ sliding door and 6-panel entry door bring the total to $4663.11.
  • Four 24” x 24” insulated sliding vinyl windows bring the total quote up to $5072.71.
  • A 10” open porch roof and 12” overhangs on the eaves bring the quote to $6675.08.
  • Single-bubble insulation, one translucent eave light, and an interior plywood lining panel as extras all bring the total quote to approximately $8055.92.

Here’s another example for a colder climate:

  • The base price for a 24’ x 24’ x 10’ kit for the Nashua, NH area would be around $4136.03.
  • A 32” steel jamb entry door and five 32” x 44” double-hung vinyl windows bring the quote total to $5648.93.
  • 12” roof overhangs on all sides bring the quote to $6234.30.
  • Condensation barriers, extra insulation, ridge vent, and post rot protection options all bring the total quote for the kit to approximately $8647.31.

As you can see, a number of different options and variables can affect the price of the final quote. If you’re interested in buying a pole barn kit, whatever your needs, the best course of action is to use our free quote tool, and then contact us to find out more. Shipping is always free and financing is available, so what are you waiting for?

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