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September 1, 2015

How to Choose the Best Site for Your Pole Barn

After you have decided to build a pole barn, the next decision you need to make is where to put it. It is critical to choose the best location possible to make it easy to use and prevent problems. Here are some things to consider.

Your pole barn location needs to have good drainage to avoid flooding. One way to choose a site is to walk your property in a heavy rainstorm and see how the water drains naturally.

Try to choose a level location for your pole barn. If you don’t have a level site, you may need to bring in dirt to make it level. This will add to your costs, but it is important and will give you good drainage.

Choose the location with your region’s climate in mind. In a warm climate, you want shelter from the sun, while in a colder climate you want maximum sun exposure and protection from wind. If you live in a mild climate, choose a location that is on high ground. If you live in a place with harsh weather, build your pole barn on high ground below the crest of the hill so it will have shelter from the wind. Google Maps with terrain mode can help you identify high ground on your property.

Your pole barn should be near your driveway and your house to make it easily accessible. Don’t build it so close that you will smell manure from your house. It should be easily accessible by a road or driveway. If there are other buildings or structures on your property that you will need to use on a regular basis, such as a hay barn or a riding arena, build your pole barn in a location relatively close to them.

You will want to have ready access to water and electricity to care for your animals. Try to put the pole barn in a place where you can tap into existing utility lines to reduce your construction costs.

You might decide to buy more animals or to create a new riding arena or paddock at some point in the future. Plan for these possibilities when deciding where to build your pole barn.

If you have a beautiful view, you don’t want it blocked by your pole barn. Consider how the building would affect the view when choosing the location.

Think about where you will put manure. You need to have a large enough space where the manure pile will not be visible from your house.

Check your local zoning requirements and any homeowners’ association rules before you choose the site for your pole barn.

Unfortunately, people sometimes beak into barns to steal saddles, bridles, and other items. Choose a location where you will be able to keep an eye on your pole barn from inside your house.

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