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February 1, 2016

How to Design a Pole Barn to Use as a Garage

A pole barn can be a great solution if you need extra space on your farm to shelter horses or livestock, store hay and feed, or protect vehicles and farming equipment from bad weather. If you would like to use a pole barn as a garage, you need to take some factors into account when designing your building.

The first step is to make sure your pole barn will be large enough for all the vehicles or equipment you need to store in it. Think about all the trucks, tractors, lawnmowers, and other equipment you use on your farm and need to protect from the weather. Make sure you will have enough room to park all of your vehicles, walk around them, and open doors to get in and out without hitting other vehicles or the walls.

If you are thinking about growing your operation, you may need to purchase more equipment in the future. Take that into account when designing your pole barn. It is much easier and more cost-effective to design a pole barn that you can grow into in the future than to add an addition a few years from now.

Make sure your pole barn’s roof will be tall enough. Measure the height of your tallest vehicle or piece of equipment to make sure the ceiling will be high enough to get it in and out easily. Keep in mind that the roof will slope and be lower on the ends of the building than in the center.

Choose doors for your pole barn that are wide enough to get vehicles in and out easily. If you are going to park large vehicles in your pole barn, it will be easier to get them in and out if you put doors at both ends of the building so you can drive in one side and out the other without needing to turn around.

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