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February 26, 2016

How to Get Rid of Mice in Your Pole Barn

The way that pole barns are constructed can leave them vulnerable to mice. Rodents can become a problem, chewing through insulation and wiring and leaving urine and droppings. If you store animal feed in your pole barn, mice can chew through the bags, spilling and contaminating the food. Mice can also damage vehicles and equipment that are stored inside a pole barn.

If you suspect that mice have gotten into your pole barn, set mouse traps. Follow the instructions on how to set them. Place the traps in several locations, especially where you see droppings. Check them every day and reset or replace them as necessary.

Look for areas where the mice are living. Mice often collect soft materials, such as cloth and lint, to create bedding. Remove the bedding and any food you find.

Vacuum areas where you find droppings and other evidence of mice. Wipe up urine and spray the area with a disinfectant.

Buy enough Z-shaped flashing from a hardware store to cover any openings around the bottom perimeter of the pole barn. Loosen the bottom row of screws that hold the skin of the pole barn to the base boards, slip the long flange of the Z-shaped flashing under the skin, and secure it with 1-inch screws. Repeat this around the entire perimeter of the pole barn until it is completely closed off.

Look for holes where mice are able to gain access, especially in corners or other areas that are not completely closed off. Fill the holes with spray foam insulation. It will expand to fill the gaps. If you find large holes, you can stuff them with stainless steel wool. Mice cannot chew through it.

You can buy fake barn owls to scare away mice. Many are motion-activated and make noise or flash the eyes when an animal is nearby. Put the barn owls in areas where you think mice are getting into your pole barn.

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