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August 1, 2014

How to Install a Window in a Pole Barn

One of the most important parts of constructing a pole barn is installing windows for lighting and ventilation. Here are instructions on the best way to install your windows.

Purchase new windows, rather than reusing older ones that may be damaged. Double-glazed windows can be too heavy for a pole barn.

Choose the location for your window. Look for a place where the window can be attached to one of the pole barn's horizontal members. If the window is meant to open, be sure that nothing will prevent it from doing so. Mark the location.

Build a frame the same size as the window. Use wood that is at least one inch thick and has been treated with water proofing. Since pole barns have thin walls, the frame will project on both sides. A flange will hold the frame in place.

Hold the frame against the part of the wall where you want to put the window, and trace lines around it. Drill holes in the corners, and then use a jigsaw to cut along the lines to make the opening for the window. Smooth the edges with coarse sandpaper.

Place the window frame in the opening and nail it to the horizontal members. Apply beads of mastic around the frame against the siding inside and outside the opening. Fit the wooden flanges on both sides of the frame and nail them to the frame and the siding to prevent water from penetrating through the frame and make it more secure.

Install the window in the frame so that it will open inward. Use the window's connection points to screw it into place, making sure that the screws will not prevent it from opening. Apply mastic around the window in the frame, allow it to set, and then check to make sure the window opens correctly.

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