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May 29, 2015

How to Install Running Water in Your Pole Barn

With pole barns and other post frame structures growing in popularity for an almost endless number of uses, there are no doubt just as many reasons that you might want one rigged with running water. Whether it's for a drinking trough for your horses, an emergency eyewash station for your workshop, or a wet bar for your man cave, running water is more necessity than luxury.

If you're a DIYer at heart, but think running a water line to your pole barn is too daunting a task, take a look at these simple step-by-step instructions before you decide to pass on the project. (Note: these instructions are only a general guide and are by no means comprehensive. For instance, if you want a flush toilet, you will need access to a septic system or to install a septic tank, which is not covered here. If you're inexperienced or in any doubt, always call a professional.)

Preparing for the Project

First, you're going to need to check your local regulations for plumbing and other utilities projects. Depending on the complexity of the project you're planning, it might be a good idea to hire a plumbing inspector.

You will also want to get in touch with your local utility companies to determine where electric wires, sewage lines, and other hazards might be buried. This is almost always required by law. Mark the location of any buried public utilities to avoid striking them when digging or laying in water pipes. Utility companies may do this for you as a free service.

At this point, you should also decide how you plan on sourcing your water, whether from an underground spring, well, or a pre-existing water system. You should also figure out if you will need drainage according to local regulations.

Beginning the Project

When you've marked the path your water piping is to take, and know where in your pole barn the faucet is to go, you can begin digging. Your water pipe should run at least 6” below the frost line in your area, so dig your trench at least this deep.

When running the piping into your barn, you will either need to run it under the building and then up and inside, which may require excavating some of the foundation, or running it along an exterior wall. In the latter case, the portion of the pipe above ground would need to be insulated to protect against freezing.

Running the Pipe

Once you've finished digging, install your sink or fixture into your barn. Then turn water pressure off in your source if possible, and run the pipe from your source to your barn, careful to attach sections correctly and securely. Once the pipe is securely installed, turn the water on as a test. If everything works as it should, fill in your hole and tamp down snugly.

Wrapping Up

That's the basic process for installing running water into a pole barn. Again, it's a fairly complex job, so if you feel you don't have the tools or experience, always call a contractor to do the work for you. Otherwise, roll up your sleeves and have a blast!

If you still need a pole barn to get your running water out to, check out The Pole Barn Company, offering the finest in custom pole barn kits across much of the U.S.

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