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December 19, 2014

How to Keep Your Pole Barn Warm This Winter

A pole barn is typically used to store vehicles, equipment, or animal feed, but it can also have many other uses. Some people use pole barns as shelter for livestock, workshops, storefronts, or even homes. If you are planning to build a pole barn that will be used by people or animals and live in a region that experiences cold winters, it is a good idea to insulate and heat your pole barn to keep it comfortable.

Pole barns are typically constructed with wooden poles and steel, aluminum, or fiberglass sheets on the walls. Their simple, open design can present some challenges when it comes to heating, but they can be overcome.

Most pole barns have concrete flooring, but some property owners choose to have dirt floors instead. It is possible to keep the interior of a pole barn with a dirt floor warm. Add gravel around the perimeter to close any open spaces between the bottom of the walls and the ground and to keep cold air out of the building.

Installing insulation in the walls of your pole barn is one of the most important ways to keep it comfortable year-round. Roll out blanket insulation, stuff it into the spaces between beams, and staple it to the beams. You should also insulate the ceiling between the rafters with blanket insulation. Cover the blanket insulation on the walls and ceiling with sheets of nylon-reinforced plastic wrap or building wrap. You then have the option of covering the insulation with drywall or foam board.

After you have sealed and insulated your pole barn, you need to choose a heat source. You can use forced air, geothermal, wood, corn pellet, kerosene, propane, or electric heat. The option you choose will depend on the size, design, and location of your pole barn and the cost and availability of fuel. If you have not poured a concrete floor yet, you can install radiant floor heating. If your pole barn has a ceiling, you can run ceiling fans on low speed to draw heat upward and circulate it throughout the building.

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