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June 30, 2015

How to Save Money on a Pole Barn (Without Cutting Corners)

Everyone knows that pole barns are a great, cost-effective way to build a structure for storage, animal housing, even retail storefronts and homes. An affordable alternative to steel building or more traditional wooden stick-built buildings, pole barns cut costs without sacrificing quality.

But if you’re really looking for some serious savings, here are some handy tricks that can help you (and your wallet) even more. Keep these in mind next time you’re designing or building the pole barn of your dreams.

  • If you have the know-how, build it yourself. Contractors cost serious money. If you have the tools and the ability, consider doing the heavy lifting yourself. A lot of companies that sell pole barn kits, like The Pole Barn Company, deliver complete kits right to you. There’s nothing to stop you from building it yourself and saving a bundle in the process. That doesn’t mean that anyone with a hammer and a pair of suspenders is qualified – if you’re not experienced enough, you probably shouldn’t build your own pole barn. You could get hurt in the process, or build something incorrectly, leading to a damaged building or injured person down the line. P.S.: Always spring for post protection.
  • Use high quality materials. To be sure, this will probably cost you more money in the short term than cutting corners on materials. But make no mistake: in the long term it will save you way more money than any alternative.
  • Be smart about truss and column spacing. Pole barns are tough structures. Unlike stick-built buildings that get their strength from trusses and load-bearing walls, they’re supported by ground-mounted columns. A lot of people make the mistake of including more columns and roof trusses than are necessary. According to “The Pole Barn Guru" himself, truss spacing of as much as 12 feet can be completely safe and effective, while some building recommend spacing as narrow as 2 or 4 feet! If a building designer gives you plans with narrow spacing, get another opinion from someone who specializes in post frame buildings. More space equals less material, and that equals less money.
  • Install translucent eave panels instead of more windows. Windows can be an expensive addition to a pole barn, but without them artificial light is necessary. That makes electric wiring a must-have, running up costs. How to avoid both problems? A clear strip around the eaves can be installed that lets natural light in without windows, saving money and avoiding the leaking problems that can come with skylight roof panels.

For more information about custom pole barn kits, contact The Pole Barn Company today!

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