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July 25, 2014

Is your Land Right for Building a Pole Barn?

You may have it dead set in your mind to build a pole barn on your property but if the land isn't right, you may need to reconsider. Any contractor will tell you that building on land that is sloping, prone to flooding and with sections that are practically wetlands or known for sinkholes is a bad idea.

These types of hazards will make the building unsafe and it will only be a matter of time before the building succumbs to nature and either topples or floods beyond salvaging.

Here are some things to look for when mapping out your pole barn location:

Flat Land: Ideally you want the land you are building on to be as flat as possible. We know it's impossible to get a perfect level but you want to get as close as possible. Land that slopes dramatically or is hilly and uneven will only cause headaches when building and will leave the structure unsafe if it does manage to get built.

Soil Problems: Some areas may have naturally occurring asbestos in the rocks and soil. Other zones may be marked as a fire hazard. It is crucial that you check with the city, county and state zoning boards to ensure that the land you are planning to build on is safe and not a protected area. You also take warning if any strange smells are emanating from the ground that may indicate a more serious problem under the soil.

Hazards: if the land is located near hills you may need to be concerned with landslides. If you are near water you probably should by flood insurance and find out how often the land has been flooded in the past. Also check if the land was ever a swamp since this can weaken the foundation you are building on.

The more you know about the land you are building on, the better. Research local records and have professionals do tests on the soil to determine if it is safe to build. It's better to find out before you start digging that there is a problem then when the flood waters are up to the windows.

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