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May 14, 2014

Keeping Animals Safe

If you work on a farm or tend to livestock, summer can be a difficult season. Most animals are pretty hearty and even cold winters don't pose much of a problem for horses, cattle and sheep. However, hot summer days, sudden lightning storms and high humidity can be very dangerous for animals and if you rely on these animals for your business then you need to keep them protected.

One of the best uses for pole barns and post frame buildings is to use it as a run-in shed or shelter. Great for when sudden summer storms arise or days see the temperature climb over 100 degrees Fahrenheit; a pole barn can be a safe place for horses, sheep and cattle to stay clear of dangerous climate conditions.

When you rely on animals for your livelihood you can't afford to let foul weather and extreme heat put your profits at risk. By installing a pole barn on your farm you can customize it in such a way that it serves as a run-in shed or even a horse barn. There are many pole barn kits that allow you to customize your pole barn so it serves your unique needs.

For a run-in shed, you can have a pole barn constructed that has a durable roof and siding but allows for openings at each end. This allows for easy entry into the shelter when a storm blows in or the sun gets so hot that it is dangerous for horses and cattle to be out in the open. All you need to do is herd the animals and lead them to the shelter to keep them safe.

For permanent storage, you can customize a pole barn to be a barn with feeding troughs, stalls and large doors. This allows you to keep horses and other livestock from having to spend nights outside when it could rain heavily and cause illness.

For more information about using pole barns to keep animals safe, visit our site: http://thepolebarncompany.com/

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