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October 5, 2015

Plan ahead When Designing Your Pole Barn

Building a pole barn is a significant investment that can provide you with much needed storage space or a place to relax and unwind. You want to design a building that will suit your needs, both now and in the future. Keep in mind that your needs may change in the future and plan ahead for different ways to use your pole barn years from now.

Before you pour the floor for your pole barn, think about utilities. If you are not installing electricity or plumbing now, you might want to include them in the future. It is much easier to plan for utilities now than to tear up the concrete floor years from now to install them.

Think about where the sun will strike your pole barn at different times of the day. If you want to capture as much sunlight as possible, orient your pole barn so the front faces to the east. If you want to minimize the amount of sunlight, position the front to the north or use porches or overhangs for shade. If you want to leave part of the building unheated, be sure it has enough light. You can install an eave lite or ridge lite, a translucent white poly material that is installed under the eaves or at the roof peak to allow in natural light without heating up the building.

Think about what you plan to store in your pole barn and use the appropriately sized door. If you think you might buy an RV or a boat in the future, plan accordingly.

If you are planning to use your pole barn as a combination workshop/living space, think about separating the two areas. Fumes, dust, or chemicals used in your work or hobby could make the living area uncomfortable and should be kept out.

You will probably want to ventilate your pole barn and possibly install heat and air conditioning. Think about where to install runs and vents. Also consider installing an exhaust system.

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