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May 22, 2015

Pole Barns & Tornado Preparedness - Why Pole Barns are the Best Option for High Winds

Keeping Yourself Safe During a Tornado

First thing's first – the most important thing when it comes to tornadoes and tornado preparedness is keeping yourself and the people in your life safe. That means having and regularly practicing an emergency plan, keeping abreast of tornado watches and warnings in your area, and having an emergency preparedness kit fully stocked and easily accessible.

If a tornado watch is issued for your area, or if you see an approaching storm (dark clouds, green-tinted sky, loud, roaring wind, funnel clouds, and large hail are all signs), get to the nearest tornado shelter immediately. Avoid windows, and take cover in an interior basement if possible. If there is no basement, find an inside room with no windows, if possible getting under something sturdy or covering your head with a mattress or pad. Do not stay in a mobile home or vehicle. If you're stuck outdoors, lay low to the ground in an area away from any trees, and cover your head with your hands.

Click here for more information on tornado preparedness.

Keeping Your Property Safe During a Tornado

It's an unfortunate reality that if you live in an area of the country that's prone to tornadoes, you're going to have more concerns than just keeping yourself safe in the middle of a storm. One of the biggest is the safety and security of your land and property. If you're building any kind of structure, be it a hay barn, storage shed, guest house, or even a primary residence, you need to know that is has the best possible chance of surviving a storm.

Pole barns are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a strong, resilient structure to stand up to the worst a tornado has to offer. This is because load-bearing columns embedded directly into the ground offer greater wind resistance than the load-bearing walls that define more traditional stick-built structures.

For the problem of uplift and the dangers posed to roofs, roof trusses can be attached directly to columns using sturdy, high-gauge steel brackets to resist even tornado-force winds. This is a much stronger option than so-called “hurricane clips."

Of course, no building is 100% tornado proof, and pole barns aren't all created equal. In order to truly offer superior tornado resistance, a post frame building must be made with that end in mind, and with quality craftsmanship and materials.

If you're interested in a custom pole barn for your property, contact The Pole Barn Company today.

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