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March 24, 2015

Protect Your Pole Barn from Water Damage with Proper Drainage

When you're deciding on the details of your prospective pole barn or other post frame building, you might be tempted to cut corners or go for the most basic options available. While this is a good way to save some money and time in the short term, make no mistake, it’s an even better way to lose out in the long run.

Case in point: proper water drainage. If your pole barn isn't properly located and equipped to effectively dispose of excess rainwater and snow melt, you could end up with serious flooding, mold and mildew, landscaping erosion, and even severe wood rot. Obviously, the pain of a little extra preparation initial building will be worth avoiding those costly problems down the line.

As with any real estate, the most important considerations to take into mind when planning a new pole barn are location, location, and location. Avoid placing your pole barn at the bottom of a hill, or the center of any kind of valley when water collects. If this is the case it won’t matter what you do with the building itself - it will be a sitting duck for standing water and rot.

As for the building itself, it's wise at a minimum to get your pole barn kit with roof overhangs on all sides - this will guide rainwater to fall farther away from the base of the building. It will also keep snowfall from piling up on the side of your building, and prevent melting snow from seeping right inside. You may also want to contact a third party contractor when your pole barn is completed, and have rain gutters installed. That’s right, just like on your house.

At that point it’s just a matter of leading the water safely away from the downspout. This could most easily be done with a downspout extender that brings rainwater and snowmelt safely away, where it won’t threaten to erode the landscaping or saturate your pole barns embedded posts. If you want to be more thorough, and more traditional option like a French drain or proper underground drainage system might be called for.

In any case, proper water drainage is an absolute necessity for any permanent building, and pole barns are no different. Use a little planning, and a little common sense, and you should be confident that your pole barn will be useful and well-maintained for years to come.

Check out The Pole Barn Company’s pole barn kits here, and get a free quote on a custom kit (don’t forget to spring for the roof overhangs).

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