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August 22, 2014

Protecting your Pole Barn from Fires

If you have ever searched Google for news about pole barns most of the stories you find have to do with fires. These wood structures are obviously susceptible to fires and if you are not careful with the materials you keep in a pole barn you could be looking at a major loss if a fire occurs. Another cause of fires is electrical surges coming through the wires in your pole barn building.

At The Pole Barn Company we want you to be prepared for disasters and offer the following tips for preventing fires in your post-frame building.

Careful where you Burn: Depending on what you use your pole barn for you may have times when you burn trash, weeds or dried grass. It is very important not to burn these items near a wood pole barn. All it takes is one wayward ember to cause a barn fire and this one spark could destroy everything you have stored in your building.

Fire Extinguishers: No matter how small your pole barn building is, you absolutely need at least one fire extinguisher. You would be surprised how many fires could have been put out easily if only the owner had a fire extinguisher on hand. Don't be sorry be prepared by keeping a working fire extinguisher in your pole barn building at all times.

Wiring: Bad wiring causes more fires than most people think. Make sure you pole barn wiring meets the requirements of agricultural buildings of the National Electric Code. All wiring connections should be in junction boxes and extension cords should never be used as permanent wiring. Be sure a professional electrician does the wiring for your pole barn and that everything is up to code.

Combustible Materials: Many pole barns are used to store combustible materials including straw, hay and other wild grasses. These materials will burn very quick if it comes into contact with a spark or flame so it is very important that you enforce strict no smoking policies around your pole barn and that you these materials far away from wires, outlets and light fixtures.

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