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December 7, 2015

Self-Framing Windows and Pole Barns

If you want to build a pole barn, you need to choose the right windows. Cost should not be the determining factor. Self-framing windows are generally the best option. They are easy to install and can help you cut costs and avoid many common problems associated with other types of windows, such as difficult installation, movement in the window and wall, and the challenge of getting a good seal.

Self-framing windows generally have a thermal break and insulated glass to improve energy efficiency. A steel subframe can add structural strength and rigidity and provide a finished edge. Self-framing windows come in a variety of sizes. Trim is needed to connect them to the wall. Companies generally offer “trim fins” to match interior and exterior colors. Installing self-framing windows is easy. You will only need caulk, nails, and a hammer.

Self-framing/self-flashing windows can improve the appearance of your pole barn. Flashing is the material installed around windows to keep water from entering between gaps. With self-flashing windows, there is no need for waterproof materials. This simplifies the installation process.

Self-framing windows come in a variety of configurations. A slider has two panels, and one slides in front of or behind the other. Fixed windows do not open and are often used in garages. Single-hung windows are one of the most common options and have one pane that opens while the other stays in place. You can choose from single-pane or insulated glass.

Traditional windows require the building’s frame to support the window. The building’s structure must be engineered to support the window. The cost of a pole barn can be reduced by using self-framing windows because the frame of the building does not need to be modified.

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