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May 6, 2013

Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Own Pole Barn



Building a pole barn is relatively simple in comparison to other building projects. If you can manage simple tools, you can erect a pole building.  Pole barn kits are less expensive than standard frame building and the money you will save by erecting it yourself is worth every penny. It would be advisable to have a helper or two on hand for labor and safety measures.  The technique involved in the process is quite simple without any rocket science behind it.

Building Permits & Blueprints

Most jurisdictions require any property owner to obtain a building permit.  You will be required to pay a small fee for the permit and they will require a completed set of blueprints before issuing the permit.  Some building inspectors require a set of engineered stamped prints.  These can be obtained for a small fee from your supplier.  Engineered stamped prints can take up to an additional four (4) weeks to obtain.  Remember to fulfill any legal requirements, like building, electric and plumbing permits, before starting up the construction.

Tools Needed:

Post Hole Digger or Auger



Tape measure

Metal Snips


Electric Drill

Chalk Line



An Extra Hand


Prep Work

You need to choose a flat area for building your pole barn.  Preparing the work site for construction is relatively easy.  This can be done with the use of a skid steer, measuring tape, and site markers.  Most skid steers can be rented hourly or daily at any local hardware store or equipment rental facility.  Some rental facilities will even deliver the skid steer to your building site.

Decide exactly where you want your building located and mark the dimensions on the ground you wish to construct, laying out all the corners and door. Mark the site with spray paint.  From here you need to excavate the site to 6” to grade.  Remove any extra soil from the site for easier access.  At this point, it is imperative that you notate the exact dimensions of your pole building.  You also need to clearly mark exactly where the post holes are to be dug out.  You will find this information on your blueprints.

Begin Construction


Dig out the post holes on every marked corner on the ground with a post hole digger or auger. The depth and diameter of the holes will be noted on the blueprint supplied with your materials.  Your materials contained either bags of Sackrete or concrete cookies.  At this point, you need to place your concrete footer or concrete material in the bottom of each post hole.  If using wet concrete, allow this material to harden per package instructions.  Insert one post in each post hole, level, and brace with supplied 2x4s.

Use a measuring tape to mark the exact dimensions of the barn and set batter boards in each corner. Place the boards four feet back from the corner and into the ground. 

Stretch a string between the boards and make sure a perfect square is formed. These strings are placed for correct post alignment and marking the corners of the barn.

Nail the truss carriers around the perimeter of the barn and affix the 2x8 skirt board around the bottom.  Make sure the truss carrier and skirt board is parallel to the lines of the walls.

Now nail up 2-by-4 inch girt boards around the walls but make sure to leave the opening for your door in the front.
You will be required to nail a header for any door openings over the top after you have installed girt boards up the wall.

Place the engineered roof trusses every four (4) feet and attach to the truss carrier with hurricane ties per your plan.

You have to connect the trusses with the horizontal 2x4 roof purlins laying them every 2 feet parallel with the line of the wall. Brace trusses on each end per blueprint specification for the reinforcement of trusses.

Apply the condensation barrier to the roof as specified.

Install any doors or windows and trim with metal provided.

Install metal roof and wall panels with rubber grommet screws provided.  Most metal will be cut to length.  The only cutting required will be on each gable end and any door or window openings.  Use only metal snips as any electric cutting device can create heat that will lead to rust and negate any warranty on your metal.  Foam closure strips should be installed at this time on the roof.  Your inside foam closure strips are installed at the same time you place your roofing panels.  The outside foam closure strips are set in place as the metal ridge cap goes in place. 

Install all trim pieces for the building per specifications.

If installing a concrete floor in your pole barn, do so prior to installing last gable end metal or doors. 


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