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January 26, 2016

The Benefits of Adding a Cupola to Your Pole Barn

Pole barns often have cupolas on the roof line. A cupola is a relatively small structure that was invented during the Renaissance that is usually placed on top of the ridge line. It consists of three parts: the base, vents (louvers), and cap. It can be several shapes, including square, hexagonal, octagonal, and bell-shaped. A cupola generally has a weathervane, finial, or other type of ornament on top. It serves both aesthetic and practical purposes.

One of the primary reasons to install a cupola is because of its appearance. When placed on the highest peak of a pole barn, it can accentuate the height of the building, become a focal point, and enhance the building’s overall design.

Cupolas often have windows that can serve as skylights to provide natural lighting. This can lower your electric bill. A cupola also provides ventilation and allows air to circulate. Moist air can travel out through the vents, which can prevent wood from rotting and mildew from growing. It can also naturally cool your pole barn in the summer, which can keep it more comfortable.

Cupolas are durable and easy to maintain. Cupolas made of copper are the most durable. Cupolas can be made from a variety of wood species, including cypress, oak, white pine, and cedar. They are often painted or stained to protect them from the weather.

To choose the right size cupola for your pole barn, a good rule of thumb is to use 1.5 inches of cupola for each foot of unbroken roof line along the ridge. For example, for 16 feet of ridge line, choose a 24-inch cupola. If the ridge line is longer than 32 feet, use two cupolas and one inch of cupola for each foot of ridge line. For example, if the ridge line is 48 feet long, use two 24-inch cupolas.

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