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August 26, 2015

The Benefits of Daylighting Your Pole Barn

If you are building a pole barn or already have one constructed, you might feel like something is missing. You step inside and find the interior sparsely illuminated with fluorescent lights or yellowed bulbs, a classic, Spartan-style lighting. After working a few hours at your bench, your eyes hurt from the strain and you forget whether it’s day or night outside. You stumble out, squinting at the setting sun… Okay, some of these are exaggerations, but while many people choose to outfit their pole barn with electrical lighting, day lighting through the use of windows is an effective and money saving method that improves your mood and lessens the strain on your eyes.

Window Placement is Key

Daylighting your pole barn can improve your energy efficiency by heating the interior through natural light during the winter and by providing ventilation and air flow for cooling the summer heat. Depending on where you place your windows, you can better predict and manage the amount of natural light entering your pole barn.

Windows on the north side of your building will let a steady amount of natural light in yearlong without a lot of glare or heat in the summer. South-facing windows will allow a great deal of sunlight in during the winter but less direct sunlight in the summer.

East and west-facing windows will provide good lighting in the morning and late afternoon but tend to admit a lot of heat and glare during the summer. Even so, if your pole barn’s windows let in too much heat, adding awnings can limit the amount of direct sunlight while still admitting enough natural light to illuminate the building.

Health Benefits

Not only can natural daylight illuminate buildings and cut costs on electrical lighting, it also comes with emotional and mental health benefits such as stress relief, improved work performance, and decreased anxiety. According to a recent study by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, people with a view of and exposure to daylight are less likely to report poor health symptoms, have improved memory recall, are more optimistic, and sleep better at night.

Likewise, proper daylight has been proven to increase concentration and productivity while also preventing eye strain in work settings.

For tips and instructions on installing windows in your pole barn, click here. If you are looking to build your own pole barn, look no further than The Pole Barn Company. Our pole barn kits are all inclusive, customizable, and come in a variety of standard sizes and shapes.

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