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April 2, 2015

The Importance of Proper Ventilation for Your Pole Barn

Ventilation is a necessary feature to provide for the long life and safety of any structure, and pole barns and other post frame structures are no different. This is especially true if the pole barn lacks a proper HVAC system.

Pole barn ventilation is necessary because it helps to prevent moisture condensation inside the building. The potential severity of potential condensation will depend on how the building is used. A residential post frame building will see severe moisture condensation from everyday activities like showering, preparing food, and even just breathing. Similarly, pole barns used to house animals like horses or livestock will have condensation stemming from the ambient moisture given off by the animals. A pole barn used for equipment storage will have lower levels of condensation caused by water in the ground and air.

In any case, interior condensation, like the long-term presence of any moisture, will eventually lead to mold and wood rot. That means costly repairs, and if left untreated for too long even having to rebuild completely. The most common way of venting a pole barn is to use continuous ridge venting, which is placed between the roof and ridge cap of the structure. Ridge venting seals the gap between the two portions of the building, and lets fresh, clean air circulate throughout the building to reduce condensation.

In addition to controlling moisture condensation in your pole barn, ridge vents also help to control odors and carbon dioxide accumulation in buildings used for animal or livestock housing. Farm animals like horses and cows produce a lot more than just water vapor, and for their optimal health and comfort sufficient ventilation is an absolute must. If you plan on using your pole barn for animal housing, talk to your builder about installing a more heavy-duty exhaust-style ventilation system in addition to normal ridge vents.

The Pole Barn Company offers not only continuous ridge ventilation as a standard option for its "Select" custom pole barn kits, but also specialized condensation barrier insulation for added protection. If you want to prevent mold and rot in the long term, they're worthy investments when ordering your kit.

Again, your specific ventilation needs will depend largely on how you use your pole barn, and what the environment is like where it's to be built. If you're not sure about exactly what your ventilation needs will be, talk to a local builder or get advice by contacting The Pole Barn Company. In anyone's case, it's always better to make the right investments up front.

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