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May 21, 2014

Tips for Using Pole Barns for Business

If you have plans to use your pole barn for your business, as in a storefront from which to sell fruit and vegetables from your farm, be forewarned. You can't just erect a pole barn and start selling goods. There are several things you will need to clear with the town, county and state before you use a pole barn as a place for business.

First off, you will need a license from the state to operate a business on your property. Even people who work from home need to get permission since money is exchanging hands and you know the town and state want their share. Operating a business without a license, whether on your farm or in a pole barn will require certain permits and licenses and anyone who owns a pole barn needs to know what these are before you start selling products.

The second thing you need to concern yourself with is insurance. Operating a business without insurance can be very dangerous. If someone is shopping produce in your pole barn, slips and injures their leg guess who is getting sued? That's right, you are, and if you don't have business liability insurance you could be paying a lot of money out of pocket for medical bills. You also will need insurance for food spoilage and workers comp for anyone who works in the pole barn. Sit down with an insurance agent and a lawyer before turning your pole barn into a store front since there are quite a few details you will want to discuss in detail.

Lastly, you will want insurance on the structure yourself. If you have good and products stored in the pole barn and a storm or fire comes along and destroys it, you may be looking at a steep loss that you can't recover from. Having business interruption insurance as well as commercial insurance on the building will help protect you case of a disaster.

Do your research ahead of time and don't get caught unprotected.

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