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August 4, 2015

Top Tips for Organizing Your Pole Barn

Are you using your pole barn to store tools, outdoor appliances, lawn mowers, and everything else under the sun? Are you also using part of the structure as a workspace? Then you are most likely facing the difficult task of organizing your pole barn. We have a few tips for you to organize this space to your best advantage. With our help, your days of tripping over tools and squeezing yourself around the workbench are gone.

Use the Wall Space to Organize Hand Tools

When organizing for the first time, using the walls of your pole barn can be the biggest step toward a tidy space. Clear the floor of miscellaneous tools and equipment. To organize your tools, purchase and mount some peg board on the wall of your pole barn. Using hooks, you can hang everything from hammers and saws, to levelers and paint brushes.

For rakes, hoes, and other long-handled tools, cut pieces of PVC piping and attach vertically to the walls of your pole barn. The tools can easily slide in and out of the PVC, and they won’t take up room in a jumbled mess on the floor. If you have folding chairs taking up space on the floor or propped against some corner of your pole barn, you can easily store those against the wall to conserve valuable space. Take two 1X4 pieces of scrap wood and cut one end of each piece at a 30 degree angle. Measure out the width of the chair and attach the 1X4s to the wall at an appropriate distance. From there, your chairs can fold up, slide onto the rack, and hang from their legs.

Consider a Collapsible Working Space

By making your work bench collapsible, you can conserve space when needed and prevent the messy accumulation of used tools and supplies. Have the surface of your bench attached to the wall with hinges. Then attach the bench’s front legs with hinges so they can fold up under the surface and the surface can fall flat against the wall. This way, you can use your bench as a work station when you need to and tuck it away when you don’t.

When making your work station, attach a magnetic knife holder to the wall nearby. You can use it to hold drill bits, screws, and nails so the pieces are in reach but not rolling all over the table top.

Remember to Use your Ceiling Space

Many people don’t think to look up when it comes to storage. Depending on how low your rafters are, you may want to consider storing ladders up above your head. You can build brackets that attach to the rafters and create a lower sling for ladders to slide into, or you can take it a step further and create a loft space for storing everything from scrap wood to kayaks.

If you have a lot of tubing and trim laying around, a good way to organize that is to use two pieces of lattice and some scrap wood. Attach two 2X2 pieces of wood at 90 degree angle from two studs high up on the wall of your pole barn. Match the 90 degree angles with triangles of lattice and screw on. The lattice should stretch between the 2X2 and down to the wall as a spider web would hang. You can use the holes in the lattice work to store your pipes and trimming so they are overhead and within reach while remaining out of the way.

Hopefully these tips for organizing your pole barn provide some assistance. For quality pole barn kits at an unbeatable value, call The Pole Barn Company at 844-213-0034.

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