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August 21, 2015

Which Roof Design Is Best for Your Pole Barn?

A pole barn can be customized to match your needs and preferences. One area that is important is the roof. The design you choose will depend on how you intend to use your pole barn and the amount of space you need.

The traditional gable roof is the most common choice for a pole barn. It consists of two equally pitched sides that meet at a peak in the middle. Slopes commonly range from 2/12 to 8/12. This design is easy to construct. A steep gable roof is excellent for shedding snow in the winter. It is easy to ventilate and insulate a gable roof. Gable roofs are popular in pole barns that are used as garages, shops, barns, and homes. A gable roof is a good choice if you have a tight budget and want a traditional appearance for your building.

A monitor roof has a tall center section. This can allow you to store tall objects in the center of the pole barn or to install doors at both ends of the building so that vehicles can drive through. Monitor roofs are popular in pole barns that are used as horse barns and for RV storage. The layout works well with stall kits. A monitor roof can be used with a pole barn with a clear span or interior pole support. It can also be used in a home with a center loft.

A gambrel roof is a less common choice. It is an older design that can add historic character to your pole barn. Cupolas and widow's peak options work well with a gambrel roof. A gambrel roof provides more head room and storage space on the top floor than other roof designs.

A pole barn can also be designed with a single slope roof. This is generally used for an animal shelter or a simple shed.

A hipped roof is another option that is similar to a gable roof. It is typically used on homes and garages.

If you have questions about which roof design would be best for your pole barn, contact The Pole Barn Company. We are here to answer all of your questions and help you choose the best design to get the maximum benefit from your new pole barn.

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