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November 9, 2015

Which Type of Door Is Right for Your Pole Barn?

When planning for a pole barn, one of the most important decisions you need to make is what type of door to install. The kind you choose will depend on how the building will be used, the weather in your region, and whether you will be heating and cooling the building.

Sliding doors are generally used on cold storage buildings, such as machine sheds. A sliding door can provide plenty of width to get machinery in and out of your pole barn. A sliding door is a good choice if you are only going to use your pole barn to store machinery, don’t plan to move it in and out much, and don’t plan to heat and cool the building. The door can be insulated, but it is difficult to weather strip and seal the opening tightly.

An overhead door is similar to a garage door, but it is often taller and/or wider to accommodate larger pieces of machinery. An overhead door without insulation can be used on a cold storage building. Overhead doors can also be insulated with weather stripping and rigid foam insulation.

Bi-fold doors are two pieces hinged at the top and in the middle that fold up. They were originally used in airplane hangars. Although they have been used in pole barns for many years, bi-fold doors are becoming less common because the folding can take away some height from the opening.

Hydraulic doors were also originally used in airplane hangars. They are hinged at the top and are opened by hydraulic arms, or rams, that are attached to columns and pull the doors out and up. A hydraulic door often replaces an end wall in a building. Since much of a building’s strength comes from the end wall columns and steel, wind and snow loads need to be taken into consideration.

Overhead, bi-fold, and hydraulic doors are opened with an electric opener, while sliding doors are opened by hand. If your pole barn will not have electricity, you will need a sliding door.

You should also install a regular size walk door in your pole barn. This will allow you to easily walk in and out of the building without opening a large door and allowing heat to enter or escape from the building. This will save wear and tear on your large door. Sliding doors are generally locked from the inside, so you will need a walk door to enter the pole barn and unlock the slider. A walk door will also enable you to enter your building if the power goes out and you cannot open an electric door.

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